Tips from Rehab Experts on Finding and Attracting your Ideal Patient or Client

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Just because we can potentially help everyone…does not necessarily mean that should be our focus.

In this webinar, learn proven techniques and philosophies to help get the right patients and clients in the door. Do you ever wonder why your business is not growing the way it should and why you don’t love going to work? There may be a simple reason. Attracting the wrong clients saps your energy and leads to frustration, less energy and can really stunt your growth.

Often many of us think that marketing for “everyone” is the right answer.  For most of us, this is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Most of us want to attract the right clients, so they get the best results, give us energy, and send more people our way!

That is why creating your ideal avatar, defining your niche, and marketing to those people who appreciate your insight and follow your plan is so powerful! Learn these and other proven tips, philosophies, and strategies in this upcoming webinar!


  1. Discuss how to find your perfect niche
  2. Discover how to clearly define your ideal client avatar
  3. Describe why marketing to your ideal client is the right thing for you, your clients, and your business
  4. Discuss why turning down certain clients is the key to success
  5. Recognize how to become a passionate clinician by only building the right client base.

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Course Instructor

Yves Gege, PT Yves Gege, PT

Yves is a first generation American born to Swiss Parents. He went to college of Charleston for undergrad and MUSC for graduate school to get his Masters in Physical Therapy. He is a Crossfit Level 1 coach, has his clinical athlete weightlifting certification, and is a certified mulligan practitioner. He is a serial entrepreneur working towards changing the face of the physical therapy profession. After 4 years of working for other people, he decided to become a partner and open a 3rd location of a small insurance based physical therapy practice in Charleston, South Carolina. Starting on his own he grew it to almost seven figures business with multiple physical therapists and support staff in less than 4 years. After becoming frustrated with the current medical model and feeling unable to serve his ideal client the CrossFitter athlete. He sold his stake in the practice starting completely over to open a performance based cash clinic inside of a CrossFit gym. He is the proud owner of Made 2 Move Physical Therapy with 2 therapists on staff not only focusing on rehab but optimal human performance. He is also a partner and head coach at physical therapy biz, which is helping hundreds of other healthcare practitioners start, grow, and scale their performance based business. He is a founder and partner in an online training business called effective fitness specializing in fitness for police officers and first responders. And founder and partner in his own fitness product Platinum Band a loop band set to take the market by storm

Tips from Rehab Experts on Finding and Attracting your Ideal Patient or Client