Advanced Topics in the Examination, Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder

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Lesson Plan

Dr. Wilk’s course is designed to present the most recent, relevant, evidence-based, and clinically proven information for the treatment of the most challenging problems of the shoulder joints. You will have the opportunity to learn the latest evaluation and treatment techniques, and confidently implement them into your practice immediately. Learning objectives:

  • Recall the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder
  • Recognize various shoulder joint pain and dysfunction
  • Develop a treatment program based on an evidence based approach
  • Reproduce a functional assessment for specific shoulder disorders
  • Interpret the information obtained from the clinical examination and functional assessment
  • Develop a treatment plan for specific shoulder lesion – Rotator cuff lesions – Post-operative rehabilitation following rotator cuff repair – SLAP lesions – Glenohumeral joint instability – Post-operative rehabilitation following shoulder instability surgery – Scapular dyskinesis – Biceps pain & biceps surgery – Rehabilitation of the overhead athlete – Specific techniques to promote and enhance tissue healing and regeneration

You can start and stop the course at any time. The course is available for 1 year after purchase date. Please note, after each section a short test is provided and needs to be completed in order to move to the next section.

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Continuing Education available for: Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy
Disclosure: Dr. Wilk published over 170 journal articles and over 125 book chapters. Kevin is on the review board of 9 journals. Dr. Wilk received numerous professional awards. Kevin has served as President of the Sports Section of the APTA from 6/2007 till 6/2010, and has served as Vice-President, Education Program Chairman and Editor of the Home Study Course for the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the APTA for 7 years previously and has served on numerous committees for the APTA.
Content disclosure: This course does not focus on any product or service.
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A quiz is provided at the end of the course. 75% score required to receive a certificate. You have one hour and 3 attempts.

  • Shoulder Examination with Dr. Dugas 1:02:15
  • Rehabilitation for the Traumatic Dislocated Shoulder Patient 1:05:40
  • Postural Exercises – Treating the Rotator Cuff Painful Patient 1:13:25
  • Rehab for the Overhead Athlete with Shoulder Lesions 1:32:11
  • Selecting the Best Exercises for Activation & Strengthening for the Shoulder Complex 1:03:40
  • Rehabilitation of the Stiff & Painful Shoulder: Adhesive Capsulitis 1:30:55
  • Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Repair 55:13
  • Return to Play Criteria in the Overhead Thrower  48:27

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Course Instructor

Kevin Wilk, DPT Kevin Wilk, DPT

Kevin Wilk has been a physical therapist, researcher and educator for over 32 years. Kevin is currently Associate Clinical Director for Champion Sports Medicine (a Select Medical Facility) in Birmingham, AL. In addition, he is the Director of Rehabilitative Research at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham and is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Kevin is also the Rehabilitation Consultant for the Tampa Bay Rays’ Baseball Team, and has worked with the Rays for 18 years. Kevin has worked with professional baseball for 29 years, and with the Rays since the organization started. Dr Wilk received his physical therapy from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL., and his DPT from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of HealthCare Professions in Boston, MA.