The “Magic Language” of PI Referrals – Dr. Mark Studin

Dr. Mark Studin teaches at various levels in chiropractic and medical academia on the diagnosis of spinal pathology, with a focus on trauma. He has also presented to approximately 400,000 lawyers, both plaintiff and defense, on documenting spinal injury to remove the deceptive rhetoric too often “spun” in reporting in the courtroom. In this presentation, Dr. Studin will discuss the myth of success in personal injury having anything to do with “special” research, a single tactic, advertisements, or marketing. He has proven strategy for success in personal injury that is reproducible and focuses on a chiropractor’s clinical excellence as the reason for success for patient outcomes and referrals.

Learning Objectives:
– Review the importance of your credentials.
– Discuss the role of doctors in the medical-legal system.
– List reasons why lawyers and MDs will refer cases.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:

Mark Studin, DC

Dr. Mark Studin has been a chiropractor since 1981, graduating from New York Chiropractic College. As a practicing chiropractor Dr. Studin treated upwards of 650 patients per week for many years, initially as a family practitioner, then primarily in the field of person injury, trauma and spine care. Dr. Studin is the clinical director of the Academy of Chiropractic, an organization dedicated to the expansion and vision of chiropractic graduate education worldwide working to attain the goal of 95% of the public accessing chiropractic care as clinically indicated.  As a result of his organizational experiences, he was instrumental in helping guide pro-chiropractic legislation and was responsible for creating many of the largest chiropractic public events ever held, worldwide. This background helped in understanding how state regulatory agencies function with professionals and also how to bring the chiropractic message to the masses. With extensive knowledge in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering through formal education, the legal profession has sought Dr. Studin’s advice, and through the years, he has become expert in working in the field of personal injury and crash metrics.