Pain Free Performance: Pressing and Hinging – Clifton Harski

Two of the most challenging patterns in the gym or clinic are hinges and overhead pressing. But they don’t have to be. If done correctly, these two specific movements can be extremely beneficial in creating balance and stability throughout the human body. In this webinar, we’ll discuss training options and progressions you can implement, to get your clients and patients immediately making progress and demonstrating lasting results.

Learning Objectives

    • Understanding that hinging does not have to mean deadlift, and what that does for learning the pattern.
    • How to load the hinge in a way that is not threatening to people who have lower back pain.
    • Consideration and strategies around unilateral loading of the hips and shoulders to increase success in loading the overhead press and hinge.
    • Pressing options overhead that create pain-free overhead pressing.
    • Progressing (maybe?) clients into more traditional lifts in overhead pressing and hinges (deadlifts).

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:

Clifton Harski is the COO and Director of Education of the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification. He has delivered over 450 live certifications and workshops over the last 11 years for PPSC, Animal Flow, KB Athletics, MovNat, Spartan, Fitwall, BA Training and CKFMS. He ran the 8 location boutique fitness concept for 8 years prior to moving into his current position. He holds his degree in Kinesiology and has a smorgasborg of certifications.